Rajitha Does A Chathura: Says He Had Expectations Of Perfect Governance When Lenin Came To Power

Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne made a remark resembling his son, Chathura Senaratne, yesterday, when he spoke about V.I Lenin and the government the latter formed in 1917. 

"When Lenin formed a government in 1917, we thought it would function without any weaknesses. But what happened in the end? It all collapsed and they even destroyed Lenin's statue," Senaratne said, while speaking at event after laying the foundation unit for a nurses' training facility at Sri Jayawardena Pura, Kotte. 

The Russian leader formed a revolutionary government nearly three decades before Senaratne was born. 

However, Senaratne made that inadvertant remark to underscore the fact that there is no perfect government. 

"Some people only talk about the price of coconuts today. So, they don't care even if they die, but they want to eat samba rice with coconut sambol. We usually call this greediness," the Health minister said, criticising those who blame the government for the rising cost of living. 

The Minister also said the government would give a greater level of professionalism to nurses as, bringing them on par with doctors. 

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