Mahinda Remembers Tsunami: Says He Remembers Lost Lives And Survivors Who Keep Their Memories Alive

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa expressed his solidarity with the survivors of Tsunami who keep the memories of the citizens who lost their lives due to the disaster alive. 

"On a morning like today, exactly 13 years ago, experienced one of the worst natural disasters the world has ever seen. Today, we remember all those who lost their lives in the tragic tsunami & the survivors who keep the memories of their loved ones alive," Rajapaksa tweeted this morning. 

However, Rajapaksa faced a court case for depositing funds which he received as Tsunami aid in a private bank account - a controversy that later made headlines as the 'Helping Hambantota' scam.

Although he was acquitted by court, former Chief Justice Sarath N Silva, the head of the bench, publicly stated acquitting Rajapaksa of the 'Helping Hambantota case' was a mistake. 

He also went on to apologise to the public over the matter. 

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