Anura Dissanayake Speaks To UNPers: "If You Tie Bond Money In Bundles You Can Even Construct Walls"

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake told the UNP supporters that the Local Government election can be used to teach a lesson to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. 

"Wickremesinghe will not lose his Premiership if you don't vote for the UNP at this election. Therefore, you can use this election as an opportunity to send a strong message to the Prime Minister. You can show him that you are not in agreement with his agenda," Dissanayake said, speaking at an election meeting. 

"If you vote for the UNP this time, Wickremesighe will take it as a vote for the bond scam. He will consider it a vote for his disastrous economic programme hell-bent on selling the national assets of the country," the JVP Leader explained. 

He said a sizable proportion of those who voted for the UNP-led government to stop corruption, were disheartened. 

"There is no point it voting for the UNP to stop corruption. They have done worse things than the previous government," the JVP Leader said, referring to the bond fiasco. 

"Aloysius made Rs. 5300 million through the bond scam. If you tie the bond money in bundles, you can even construct walls," Dissanayake added. 

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