What Will President Sirisena Do With Bond Commission Report? - Close Aides Suggest Two Possible Paths

President Maithripala Sirisena is expected to receive the report of the Presidential Commission on the Treasury Bonds issue on December 31. 

Multiple sources close to the President, who spoke to Asian Mirror, came up with different speculations on the Sirisena's future course of action on the bond commission report. 

Many were of the view that the President will send the report to the Attorney General's Department to initiate legal action on those directly responsible for the bond fiasco. 

"But, it's important to understand that it's a tricky situation. Even the AG's Department has been dragged into the issue," an authoritative source at the Presidential Secretariat said. 

Some sources were of the opinion that the President might appoint a committee to study the commission report and make recommendations on future action. 

"The committee may consist of legal experts. [We] don't think the President will appoint politicians to this committee," they added. 

However, it is also learnt that the SLFP seniors have already requested the President to 'make full use' of the Bond report during the election campaign against the UNP. 

They had said the report would be a lethal weapon that could destroy the election campaign of the UNP, which, at the moment, is the front-runner in the electoral race. 

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