Mano Ganesan's STF Security Saga: Minister Now Says He Had Underworld Threats But Keeps Police In Dark

In an interesting turn of events, Democratic People's Front Leader Minister Mano Ganesan admitted that he received the STF security, but added that it was due to "Underworld threats." 

Asian Mirror reported yesterday that President Maithripala Sirisena had ordered STF security for Ganesan in a bid to draw the latter's support to the SLFP election campaign.

"I obtained security to secure me & my party cadres from the underworld politico of Colombo north. Both MS & RW know this" Ganesan tweeted. 

However, multiple sources confirmed that Ganesan held a discussion with President Sirisena, after a minor disagreement with the UNP on the Colombo Municipal Council election. It was following this meeting that the President had made the order to the IGP. 

Informed sources within the Police Department confirmed that Ganesan had not lodged any complaints on the alleged "underworld threats" faced by him. 

"Any person facing underworld threats should first inform the Police. No such complaint has been made by Minister Ganesan," a senior Police officer confirmed.

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