Case over Killing Of Five Youth In Trincomalee Now Progressing Due To Skype Evidence - Sagala

Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayaka said the case involving the killing of five Tamil students in Trincomalee was now progressing as new reforms have allowed the used of Skype evidence. 

"We could not proceed with the case as the main witness was overseas and was not in a position to support proceedings. The case is now progressing as new reforms have allowed the use of Skype evidence," Ratnayaka said, on Twitter, on Thursday. 

The Minister made this revelation while responding to a tweet by US Ambassador Atul Keshap on the same matter. "Justice delayed is justice denied," the US Ambassador said, referring to the delays in the case. 

The five Tamil students selected for university were killed On January 2, 2006, in Trincomalle, allegedly by a Police Special Task Force group. Twelve STF officers were later arrested by the Police in connections with the killings. 

Dr. Kasipillai Manoharan, the father of one of the five students,  attended the UN Human Rights Council annual review meeting in March 2013 to demand justice for the murder.

Kasippillai Manoharan, in his speech said, "My son Rajigar is one of the five university students assassinated at Trincomalee. On behalf of the five students I am asking justice. Seven years have gone after the brutal killings of the students, but so far justice was not served." A visibly shaken Manoharan broke down in tears while speaking at the UNHRC annual review meeting. 

In Sri Lanka, however, the authorities found it hard to proceed with the case for a long time as Dr. Manoharan, a key witness in the case, was overseas and was not in a support proceedings. 

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