Sri Lanka Tourism Awards Cyber Security Contract To SL CERT To Ensure Safety Of All Online Platforms

Sri Lanka CERT, the national computer emergency readiness team, has been entrusted with the task of providing a wide range of cyber security services for the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA), the apex body of Sri Lanka Tourism.



SLTDA Chairman Kavan Ratnayaka awarded a contract in this regard to Lal Dias, the Chief Executive Officer of CERT, at a brief event held at the SLTDA premises, in Colombo, recently.



The cyber security measures are aimed at strengthening the ICT arm of Sri Lanka Tourism which is currently on an ambitious three-year mission to double its revenue and job creation.


Under this agreement, Sri Lanka CERT will provide cyber security advice and services covering multiple IT platforms of SLTDA, which includes websites, networks, cloud services, e-services and software applications. 



“In this day and age cyber security threats can jeopardize the credibility and the reputation of some of the world’s most trusted organizations and Sri Lanka Tourism want to ensure all our systems and data including customer data is protected against cyber attacks” Udana Wickramasinghe, Director ICT of Sri Lanka Tourism said, explaining why his organization decided to strengthen the IT infrastructure on the cyber security front.



“In 2018, we will surely see increased sophistication and more targeted where the cyber-attacks are concerned. At the same time, as the industry is booming, the risks are huge and the stakes are high. That is why we felt the need for a dedicated cyber security managed service and we selected Sri Lanka CERT as it is the fully government owned national organization for cyber security,” he added.



Sri Lanka CERT, a fully-owned subsidiary of ICTA, which is under the Ministry of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure and has functioned for nearly 12 years and worked with many state and non-state partners.


Lal Dias, CEO of Sri Lanka CERT said the contract with SLTDA was a reflection of the strong relationships that they had established with government departments and agencies in Sri Lanka over the years, and expects to expand this service to other like-minded Government Departments.


"We are committed to strengthen this partnership and to bring our advanced cyber technologies and deep understanding of today's global security threats to assist Sri Lanka Tourism and its stakeholders,” Dias explained.



“In the current global context,” he said, “Cyber-attacks come in many forms, such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, website defacement and unauthorized access to systems. These are committed by a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations such as Fraudsters, terrorist groups and even thrill seekers.”



The Sri Lanka CERT CEO added that was why organizations needed robust security systems as an essential part of their IT infrastructure. 




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