Mahinda Calls For Fresh General Elections: Says Government Has Lost Its Mandate With LG Polls Results

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa called for the dissolution of Parliament, a day after the government's defeat at the Local Government election. 

Rajapaksa, speaking to the media, said the government had lost its mandate with the result of the Local Government election. 

"Therefore," he said, "the current Parliament should be dissolved with immediate effect and a General election should be held."

"The result of the Local Government election has destabilized the country's politics. We need a strong government. The only way to form a strong government is to hold a Parliamentary election," he explained. 

The former President also reiterated that he did not want to be the Prime Minister in the current Parliament.

He also criticized the new electoral system and said the entire process was a "mess." In some places, he added, the people's will had been distorted by the electoral system.

However, according to the 19th Amendment to the constitution, Parliament cannot be resolved for four and a half years, unless the government loses a budget vote or a motion to dissolve Parliament is passed in the House with a two thirds majority. 

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