Majority Of SLFP CC Members Want To Pull Out Of Government: Will Sit As Independent Group In Parliament

The majority of Central Committee members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) have endorsed the decision to pull out of the unity government. 

The matter has been widely discussed among the party officials today. They have unanimously decided that the SLFP cannot function in its present form as a coalition partner of the unity government. 

Therefore, the SLFP group is likely to sit in Parliament as an independent group from next week. The group, at the moment, have nearly 45 Members of Parliament who have been elected on the UPFA ticket. 

The decision has been arrived at after the UNP announced its plans to form a government alone. 

Apart from a section of SLFP MPs, the party has also received green light from the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to form a government. 

The TNA, led by Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan, has 16 seats in Parliament. The UNP also believe that about 10 SLFP MPs would join the party to form a government under 'The United  National Front' 

If their plans succeed, the UNP-led UNF government will have the support of over 125 MPs in the House. 

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