TNA Promises To Support UNP Government Without Ministerial Posts: But Will Push For 'Progressive' Reforms

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has agreed to support a United National Party government without demanding any ministerial portfolios, informed political sources told Asian Mirror. 

The TNA has 16 MPs in Parliament and they will support the UNP, which has 106 seats, to form a majority government. 

Although the TNA will not accept ministerial portfolios, the party will pressurize the government to bring about 'progressive reforms' in terms of reconciliation and accountability. Therefore, whatever support coming from the TNA will be conditional and calculated.

In such an event, Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan is likely to lose his position as the Opposition Leader. 

This is in addition to the group of SLFP MPs who have promised to cross over to the UNP in the coming days, our sources added. 

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