Sri Lanka Telecom Workers To Strike Tomorrow: Allegations Levelled Against Higher Echelons

Sri Lanka Telecom workers are to launch a strong protest tomorrow (28).

Trade unions attached to the Telecom said they would be embarking on the strike in protest of several long standing demands that haven’t yet been met, as well as a financial crisis at the heart of the organization.

The trade unions said the financial crisis within Telecom had occurred due to contracts for daily work being given out to private companies, as well as due to misspending by the higher echelons of the company.

They allege the management of Telecom was engaged in a bid to quell their voices and had even gone so far as to ban leaders of the trade unions from coming to work.

The Surakimu Sri Lanka trade union further alleged that employees had not been paid bonuses and that only part of the 10% increase in salary promised to them by the government had been paid.

Attempts to reach a senior officer at Sri Lanka Telecom failed to bear fruit.


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