President Advises Police To Take Stern Action Against Anyone Inciting Violence: Condemns Violence

President Maithripala Sirisena, in a video statement this evening, said he instructed the Police to take stern action against any individual or organization inciting violence in the country. 

In his statement, the President condemned racially motivated violence and said it would drag the country back to a dark era. 

He also stated that the government would take all possible steps to build up peace, reconciliation, trust and friendship among the communities.

The President said he promulgated a state of emergency for a limited period of one week by bringing into force section 2 of the Public Security Ordinance.

The President said, "In some instances, these incidents have taken place in violent circumstances, and some of these criminal activities have been unleashed by organised groups."

"In such circumstances, it has been necessary to bring into force the Section II of the Public Security Ordinance as a measure to contain the situation, and restore normalcy," he added.   

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