Sri Lanka Tourism Says Kandy Is Fast Returning To Normalcy: Recommends Tourists To Resume Travel

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority said the situation in Kandy was improving and recommended tourists to resume their travel plans to the tourist city. 

"The situation in Kandy is improving and the area is fast returning to normalcy. No violent incident has been reported from the district in the last 18 hours. Accordingly, the curfew has been lifted by the Police and tourists can resume their travel plans to Kandy," the SLTDA said in an official announcement, a short while ago. 

It also said, "Members of the tourism and travel industries worked with the local Police authorities yesterday (March 07) to facilitate issuance of passes for tourists who chose to move out of the Kandy administrative district due to the curfew.

The situation in Kandy, however, had no impact whatsoever on other parts of the country, and day to day affairs and activities took place smoothly outside the Kandy district.

The Sri Lanka Tourism continues to work with all industry stakeholders tourists and travellers are safe and secure as they travel throughout Sri Lanka."

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