Tourists Can Use Foreign Passports To Facilitate Travel During Curfew In Kandy, Tourism Ministry Says

Foreign tourists in the country can use their passports to facilitate travel during the curfew that will be imposed on Kandy this evening, Sri Lanka Tourism said.

Police announced this afternoon that curfew would be imposed on Kandy from 6 this evening to 6 tomorrow morning.

This is the third day curfew has been imposed on the administrative district of Kandy, while the government has also declared a State of Emergency to quell violence.

Violence erupted in Kandy after four Muslims killed a Sinhalese man. Mobs descended on towns in Kandy and set fire to homes and establishments.

Police and Special Task Force (STF) have been working to bring the situation under control, while the government warned severe action against those instigating and perpetrating violence.

The situation in Kandy is now returning to normalcy, with no incident of violence reported in over 15 hours.


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