Sri Lankan Government's Social Media Ban To Take Heavy Toll On Economy: E-Commerce, IT, Tourism To Suffer

Sri Lanka's current block on Facebook will take a heavy toll on economy, many experts opined. 

Facebook and messaging apps remains banned in Sri Lanka for two weeks. The state authorities are still vague on when the social media ban will be lifted. Sri Lanka's Digital Infrastructure Minister Harin Fenrando yesterday said the ban would be lifted last night. In another media statement today, Fernando said the ban might be lifted on Friday. 

"Time (overdue) to lift Sri Lanka’s blanket blocking of key social media platforms - a blunt instrument," Australia's High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Bryice Hutchesson said.

Us Ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap said, "The longer the   persists, the greater the damage to tourism, the IT sector, business, and the nation's reputation for freedom and openness. So many Sri Lankans also rely on  to connect with loved ones oversea." 

A prominent Sri Lankan social media influencer said the social media ban would largely affect small and medium scale e-commerce platforms. 

"They are heavily inconvenienced and they have very little lobbying power," he said. 

A tourism industry expert also added that the ban would take a toll on the tourism industry as well. 

"Tell me one good reason why someone would visit a country where social media and messaging apps are banned," he asked. 

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