Sagala Strongly Criticizes Ban On Social Media: Says Long Term Ban Will Take A Heavy Toll On Many Industries

Youth Affairs and Southern Development Minister Sagala Ratnayaka today criticized the ban on social media saying the government must promote responsible use of social media with necessary checks and balances, without imposing a blanket ban on it. 

Issuing a statement on Twitter, Ratnayaka said the decision would take a heavy toll on the country's economy. 

"Social media ban makes a negative impact on a wide range of industries. Apart from the general frustration it creates, such blanket bans will take a heavy toll on economy and hamper IT, E-commerce and tourism sectors. What the government must promote is responsible use of social media, with necessary checks and balances," Ratnayaka said, in his statement.

"Blocking Facebook and messaging platforms long term is not an option, in this day and age. Social Media must start functioning so that the economy doesn’t suffer. Therefore access to Social Media must be unblocked as soon as possible and the Government must set in place a system to curtail hate speech and fake news," he added.

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