Unlicensed Mirissa Surf Bar Announces Another Party: Police In Deep Slumber Over Assault On Tourists

Despite worldwide outcry with clear identification of the place in which the sexual and brutal physical assault took place last week and the non posession of a valid license, Surf Bar Mirissa has invited guests to a party to be held on Saturday April 14th at the premises.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Surf Bar did not possess a valid license and were not registered with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA). Inquiries had thereafter revealed that the Bar had been serving tourists illegally. 

Earlier, Minister John Amaratunga in a strongly worded statement said strict action would be taken against the Surf Bar if they are to be found to have flouted regulations. Accordingly it was revealed that they had in fact not registered with the SLTDA and were operating illegally. 

At least 04 eye witnessess have provided statements to the Tourist Police detailing last Saturday nights brutal sexual and physical assault on tourists at the hands of Beach Boys employed at the establishment.

One eye witness commenting on a social media post regarding the incident said " It was like a boxing match. They acted like animals hitting women". Thereafter he identifies the place at which the incident occured as " Surf Bar Mirissa" after saying " Mirissa is not safe" in capitals. 

However, the Tourist Police and the SLTDA have continued to insist that " Investigations are being carried out". However, the restaurant's announcement of Saturday's party suggests that Police authorities are in deep slumber over the assault on tourists.

Many patrons to Mirissa took to social media to highlight the rampant sexual harassment and abuse at the place to which the SLTDA had not taken any action previously.

One of the patrons said "  Not the first time authorities have been notified on surf bar - I did this myself three years ago. No action was taken. Not only Surf bar, there are at least three more establishments on that strip that has absolutely no licences to be there - run by political thugs."

It is unclear as to the reason which has stifled prompt action. 

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