Bus Passengers Association Launch Fresh Battle Against Bus Owners: Demands Govt Not To Give In To Undue Pressure

For the first time in Sri Lanka, a Bus Passengers Association has demanded the government not to approve the unfair price hike demands of the Private Bus associations. 

In a statement, Vimukthi Dushantha, the convener of the passengers association said increasing the minimum bus fare to Rs. 15 and demanding a 20% fare hike were unjust and unfair. 

He said it was an unfair burden on the public. 

However, the association said it was in agreement with the government's decision to allow a 6.56% hike in bus fare in the light of the recent fuel price hike. 

It also added that the government must pay immediate attention to enhance the quality of the public transport service in Sri Lanka. 

The organization said it would resort to stern action if the government gave in to the pressure exerted by private bus owners associations demanding a steep fare hike. 

Several Private Bus Owners Associations said they had decided to launch a continuous strike from midnight tomorrow demanding a 20% increase in bus fares.

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