MR Says Leaders Of Current Government Facing 'Dhitta Dhammavedaniya Karma' For Calling Him A Rogue

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said the current government had faced 'Dittadhamma Wedaniya Karma'. 

The former President said those who called him a rogue previously are now divided and they accuse each other of corruption. 

"The President calls the Prime Minister a thief and the Prime Minister calls the President a thief. This is nothing but Dhitta Dhamma Vedaniya Karma" Rajapaksa said, speaking to media after the swearing-in ceremony of new members of the Maharagama Urban Council. 

"We have to allow anyone to join our camp. We must not discourage those who want to cross over to the opposition from the government," Rajapaksa said. 

"If we leave them out saying they insulted us, we, as a party, will never be able to grow our support-base," Rajapaksa added. 

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