Cabraal Says NY Times Article A Gross Misrepresentation Of Facts: Says It's The Kind Of 'Fake News' Trump Refers To

Former Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivad Cabraal hit out at the recent New York Times article on controversial Chinese investments in Sri Lanka, saying it was a "gross misrepresentation of facts.

In a statement, Cabraal said today, "The New York Times article dated 25 June 2018 titled "How China got Sri Lanka to cough up a Port" written by Maria Abi-Habib is a gross misrepresentation of facts as well as a piece of journalism which has violated the truth in a shocking manner."

"This," he added, "is probably the type of propaganda under the veil of journalism that President Donald Trump has been regularly referring to as "Fake" news or reports."

He also said, "I was interviewed by this NYT correspondent Maria Abi- Habib on 10th May 2018, and I countered almost every one of her string of allegations and pre-conceived notions in an hour long interview, with irrefutable facts and figures. Not surprisingly, Maria Abi-Habib has chosen to ignore all my responses relating to the Chinese loans and projects, as well as Sri Lanka's debt position under President Mahinda Rajapaksa, which would have materially changed her flawed "findings" and highly suspect "conclusions". Her stance therefore undoubtedly confirms she was on a mission to provide a pre-determined and completely one-sided view point which is detrimental to both China and Sri Lanka in general, and Presidents Xi Jingping and Mahinda Rajapaksa, in particular. "

"I will submit a detailed reply to this shockingly imbalanced article which is not worthy of being published in a newspaper such as the New York Times, and expose it's subjectivity in a few days."

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