Defence Ministry Secretary Says Misuse Of Various Media To Incite Violence A Danger To Democracy.

Defence Ministry Secretary Kapila Waidyaratne said misuse of various media to incite violence was a danger to democracy.

"Preventing proliferation of fake news requires productive efforts, open minds and coherent strategies," the Defence Ministry Secretary said, addressing a symposium on ‘Media and Democracy' organized by the Institute of National Security Studies in Sri Lanka (INSSSL). 

"The importance in holding this discussion here today, lies, in upholding our collective responsibility, in narrating the truth, promoting the truth, and protecting audiences from dangers of fake news," Waidyaratne added. 

The objective of this forum was to make an independent observation by gathering perspectives from government, private sector, media, and plural sector on reforms to current media practices.

The INSSL said it looked into the possibility of gathering public opinion and expert thinking from discussions to develop policy briefs for the Government.

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