"Speculation That China Funded MR Election Campaign 2015 Inconsistent With Facts:" Chinese Embassy In SL

 The article published by the New York Times speculating that a Chinese company funded former President Mahinda Rajapaksa's 2015 Election campaign was  completely inconsistent with facts, Luo Chong, the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka said.

"No one from the New York Times had contacted the Embassy over any issues regarding the controversial article and if they really had contacted the Embassy, then the Embassy would have definitely briefed the journalists with the true facts," the Spokesman said.

"The construction of the Hambantota Port by CHEC was an important national task based on mutual agreement between Sri Lanka and China Governments, and was implemented under a transparent model," he added. 

"CHEC has never been involved in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. The Hambantota Port was built for the Sri Lankan Government and its people. We wish to jointly safeguard Sri Lanka’s investor friendly environment. The relevant media report has distorted the facts and provided a false opinion," the Spokesman explained. 

He also said, "The construction of Hambantota Port follows the principle of business and is in compliance with the laws of the market from beginning to end, reflected by the principle of wide consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.

Port construction of such size is a big project in any country. The port construction process will bring a lot of employment and help the economic development of the country. Throughout the construction of the Hambantota Port, 6,500 local workers were employed both directly and indirectly.

The development of the Hambantota Port project was carried out in on the basis of equality and friendship between Sri Lanka and China and has been following the principle of business and in compliance with the laws of the market from the beginning to the end. The specific construction situation is open and transparent. In particular, the majority of the funds for the entire project are loans of a concessional nature provided by the Chinese Government; and even the small proportion of commercial loans provided was lower than the international market interest rates at that time."

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