Ranjan In Embarrassing Situation: Demands Inquiry Into CICT's Payment To Pushpa Rajapaksa Despite FCID Probe In 2015

Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake found himself in an embarrassing situation again when he charged that China's CICT, a company involved in Colombo south port terminal had deposited Rs. 19.41 million to a foundation run by Pushpa Rajapaksa, the wife of ex-minister Basil Rajapaksa.

Speaking to the media, Ramanayake also said the payment had been reported as as a port construction cost which Sri Lankan public had to pay.

The Deputy Minister said the revelation warranted an immediately investigations by law enforcement bodies looking into bribery and corruption. 

However, multiple media reports stated that the matter had been investigated by the FCID in 2015. 

No action has so far been taken against the Chinese company or Pushpa Rajapaksa over the payment, despite the FCID investigation.

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