Civil Organizations Declare War On President's Pledge To Sanction Death Penalty: Vow To Resort To Serious Action

Civil society organizations have declared war on President Maithripala Sirisena's announcement to sanction death penalty for those involved in drug related crimes while in prison. 

In a statement, a civil organization named " Our Sri Lanka national Movement said sanctioning death penalty would be a disastrous move in a country like Sri Lanka where there are gaping holes in the law enforcement system. 

The organization said many people had been convicted by court due to their inability to seek help from a competent lawyer paying an exorbitant price. 

"In a context like that, it is unfair and unjustifiable to sanction death penalty for anyone. It is wrong morally as well as ethically," the organization said. 

The organization also vowed to resort to serious action if the government proceeded with its plans to sanction death penalty.

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