Sri Lankan Government Under Pressure To Publicize ICC Anti-Corruption Report: Multiple Calls To Ensure Transparency

The Sri Lankan government has come under pressure to publicize the report presented by the ICC anti-corruption unit to President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Sports Minister Faizser Mustapha. 

The report contained vital information on the ICC's findings over match-fixing allegations concerning the Sri Lankan cricket team.

Transparency International, an international anti-corruption report, today urged the Sri Lankan government to make the report public. 

The Transparency International highlighted the need to ensure transparency and public scrutiny in the process of investigating serious allegations of corruption at Sri Lanka Cricket.

Upon receiving the report, Minister Mustapha told media, "The ICC informed me that Sri Lanka Cricket is facing a dangerous situation."

The Minister, however, promised to initiate an urgent action on ICC's findings. 

However, the country's sports authorities have long neglected serious allegations of corruption were brought to their notice in the past.

Although Al Jazeera, an international TV channel, revealed damning evidence on match-fixing in Sri Lanka, no sustained follow-up action was taken by the sports authorities.


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