Government Analyst Confirms: Milk Packets Distributed At Janabalaya Rally In Colombo Not Poisoned


Law and Order Deputy Minister Nalin Bandara today said the Government Analyst confirmed that the milk packets distributed at the “Janabalaya” rally last month were not poisoned.

The minister said the Government Analyst had conducted an extensive inquiry into the matter.

He also said the Government Analyst's observations proved that the JO had cooked up this controversy to cover-up its inability to organize a proper protest campaign. 

Over 30 people from the Dehiaattakandia area who came for the protest rally fell ill and were hospitalized after consuming milk packets distributed in their bus,

The Joint Opposition demanded the government to look into the matter and establish whether the milk packets had been poisoned by an external party.

The JO alleged that a Colombo District Parliamentarian of the UNP was behind the controversy.

The UNP, in response, distanced itself from the incident and attributed the mishap to the poor organising of the rally.

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