Education Minister Seen Flouting Traffic Laws During Cheap PR Stunt: Rides On Pillion Of Bike To Avoid Severe Traffic

Education Minister and UNP General Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam yesterday rode on the pillion of a motorbike as his vehicles could not move due to heavy traffic on the Parliament road. 

Severe traffic was reported on the Parliament road yesterday due to a protest staged by government workers. Therefore, many lawmakers found it difficult to reach Parliament on time as their convoys were held up amid a sea of other vehicles.

However, the Education Minister was seen flouting the law when he rode in a motorbike out of desperation. He did not wear a helmet as other motorcyclists do - making himself vulnerable to Police action. 

However, none of the Traffic Police officers on the Parliament road was had the audacity to stop the Education Miniser and question him about not wearing a helmet. 

"Kariyawasam's decision to not wear a helmet seemed to be a calculated one. Do you think the Education Minister could not ask for a ride from a motorcyclist who had an extra helmet? But, had he worn a helmet, no one would have noticed that he rode on the pillion of a bike and the minister would not have been able to gain petty PR mileage. Also, his team would have missed the  much needed photo opp, " a source familiar with the matter quipped. 

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