Sirisena Sends Formal Letter To Ranil Firing Him From PM Post: Ranil Defies Removal And Says He Has Majority

UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, making a confident statement addressing the nation, said he was still the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and enjoyed the majority support in Parliament. 

"I am addressing you as the Prime Minister of the country," Wickremesinghe said making a speech, at Temple Trees, flanked by his party MPs. 

"I defeated a no-confidence motion in Parliament and I have shown that I have a majority in the House. I don't have to prove anything. It is up to them to show the majority," Wickremesinghe explained. 

"Everything can be resolved in Parliament. The Speaker will convene it according to Standing Orders," he added, stating that there was no necessity to seek the opinion of the Supreme Court. 

Meanwhile, sending a formal letter to the Prime Minister's Office, President Maithripala Sirisena has informed Wickremesinghe has he has been sacked from the position of Prime Minister. 

Sirisena has said he, as the appointing authority, has decided to remove Prime Minister Wickremesinghe from the post according to Article 42(4) of the constitution. 

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