Basil And Duminda Dissanayake Hold Crucial Discussions This Morning Amid Rumours Of Crossover

Former Minister Basil Rajapaksa held a meeting with SLFP National Organizer Duminda Dissanayake at the latter's personal residence this morning, Asian Mirror learns. 

The meeting came amidst rumours that Dissanayake was considering to break away from the new government formed by Maithripaala Sirisena and Mahinda Rajapaksa. 

Sources close to SLPP said Dissanayake, at the discussion, had agreed to offer conditional support to the Sirisena- Rajapaksa government. 

Basil Rajapaksa, Asian Mirror learns, had agreed to "personally look into" the issues raised by Dissanayake at the meting. 

Dissanayake's name was not among the new ministers who took oaths before President Sirisena earlier this week. 



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