"I Only Used One Trump Card: I Have Many More Trump Cards Up My Sleeve:" Sirisena Tells SLFP All Island Executive Committee

November 09, 2018

President Maithripala Sirisena said be only used one trump card and there were many more trump cards up his sleeve. 

Addressing the All Island Executive Committee meeting at the Apey Gama premises in Batarramulla, Sirisena said he would use his trump card whenever he wanted. 

Sirisena made this bold remark at a time speculation was rife that several SLFP MPs might resign from their ministerial posts to support Ranil Wickremesinghe during the floor vote in Parliament. 

Speaking at the meeting, Sirisena said he saw no need to dissolve Parliament at this point. However, the 19th amendment to the constitution explicitly bars the Executive President from dissolving Parliament before four and a half years into its term. 

He also added that several young MPs of the SLFP had sought an appointment to meet him. 

Sirisena assured his party activists that he had already drawn the support of a Parliamentary majority to solidify Mahinda Rajapaksa's position in the government as the Prime Minister. 

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