President Sirisena Threatens To Resign From Presidency And Go Back To Farming If "Pushed To The Wall"

December 05, 2018

Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) Leader Mano Ganesan revealed to the media this morning that President Maithripala Sirisena threatened to resign from Presidency, "if he is pushed to the wall."

Sirisena had made the threat at the meeting he held with UNF party leaders on Monday night to find a way out of the current political deadlock.

"National Crisis Today; President Sirisena, amidst his exclamations on Monday night, with us, the UNF party leaders, also said that if pushed to the wall, he will make a State of the Nation Address, resign from Presidency and get back to his Polonnaruwa farms, " Ganesan tweeted this morning. 

Ganesan was one of the participants who attended the meeting with the President representing the UNF. 

However, addressing a special convention of the SLFP, Sirisena severely criticised Wickremesinghe for destroying him and the country. 

He said the UNP Leader, who now commands the majority support in Parliament, was a political curse .

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