President Eats Humble Pie: Appoints Amarasekera And Thurairajah As SC Judges Along With Padman Surasena

Court of Appeal judges Preethi Padman Surasena, E.A.G.R. Amarasekera and S. Thurairaja took oaths as Supreme Court judges before President Maithripala Sirisena, a short while ago. 

Their names were approved by the Constitutional Council earlier this week. The President, on a previous occasion, had nominated two other names in place of Amarasekera and Thurairaja despite their names being approved by the Constitutional Council in October. 

The Constitutional Council ruled earlier this week that there was no need to consider other names as the Council had already approved the names of Amarasekera and Thurairajah. 

Surasena's name was nominated by Sirisena as the replacement of Eva Wanasundara who retired from the judicial service last month. Surasena was previously the Chairman of the Court of Appeal. 

With the three appointments, all vacancies in the Constitutional Council have been filled. 

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