President Decides On Death Penalty For ‘Marijuana, Cocaine, Hashish, Ice’: Warns Human Rights Activists To Stay Out Of His Way 

February 06, 2019

Following a highly-publicised visit to the Philippines, where he expressed admiration for President Duterte’s violent war on drugs, President Maithripala Sirisena has decided to impose the death penalty for drug crimes in the country. 

Addressing Parliament today, President Sirisena said illegal drugs were spreading across the country and that while his previous efforts to impose the death penalty had been unnecessarily delayed, it would be imposed within the next “one or two months,” no matter what opposition. 

The President also asked human rights activists, to stay out of his way. “I request human rights organizations and activists not to defend the people that are a part of illegal, underworld drug networks,” he said. “It is wrong.” 

In recent days there have been intensified efforts by the Police and the STF to crackdown on drug trafficking in the country; a number of arrests have been made as the President increases his opposition to drugs. 

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