Ranjit De Silva Booted Out By Prime Minister: Corporate Leader Kishu Gomes To Head SLTDA And SLTPB

February 07, 2019

Former corporate leader Kishu Gomes has been appointed the Chairman of both the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority  (SLTDA) and the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotional Bureau (SLTPB).

Gomes worked with Caltex for over 18 years and served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Chevron Lubricants Lanka for many years. 

He resigned from the top post of the company in May, last year, saying he was looking for opportunities to serve the country better. 

Gomes headed the panel of judges for the Sri Lanka Tourism Awards which took place after a hiatus of six years.

Meanwhile, Ranjit De Silva, who was initially appointed by Tourism Development Minister John Amaratunga as the Chairman of SLTDA has lost his position. 

As De Silva and Gomes were about to receive their letters of appointment from Amaratunga at a ceremony last month, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe ordered to cancel the event and reviewed the appointments. 

It was later revealed that Amaratunga had not obtained the Prime Minister's approval to appoint the heads of two tourism bodies. 

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