Softlogic Owned Food Studio Under Fire With Widely-Circulated Video Showing Maggot-Infested Food

February 12, 2019

Social Media is up in arms after a video showing that the food served at Food Studio, a restaurant owned by Softlogic, was infested with maggots. 

With the video circulating widely on all social media platforms, consumers questioned the measures adopted by the restaurant to ensure that its food is safe to consume..

In a statement, Food Studio Private Limited owned up to the issue and admitted that the incident took place on February 10. 

It further added that the management of Food Studio has taken immediately action to rectify the situation. 

"The tenant management of ‘China Street Food’ has been terminated with immediate effect and is no longer a part of Food Studio’s Atrium, " the statement added.

"Food Studio as a company, has invested its people, resources, time and creativity in ensuring that its product offering and the partners it includes under its establishment, is of utmost quality and excellence. We are both disappointed and extremely apologetic that one of our valued customer had to experience a decline in our offerings, " Taitoon Lim, Chairman of Food Studio, added.

Update : After Maggot Incident At Colombo City Centre, Food Studio Clarifies It Is Not Owned By Softlogic

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