Finance State Minister Says 27.6% Of Last Year's Budget Proposals Completely Implemented: 64.2% Still In Progress And 8.2% Stalled

Finance State Minister Eran Wickremeratne said the implementation of Budget 2018 stood at 27.6% completed and 64.2% in-progress. 

The State Minister also revealed that the implementation of 8.2% budget proposals have been stalled.

"We are strengthening the implementation process to yield better results this year," Wickremeratne tweeted this morning responding to questions on the implementation of last year's budget proposals. 

During the budget debate which is currently underway, many opposition lawmakers raised questions over the budget proposals presented last year, which still remain unimplemented. 

The budget debate will end with the final vote on the budget on April 05 where the government is required to pass the budget with a simple majority in Parliament. 

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