Nephew Of Makandure Madhush Files FR Petition Seeking Restraining Order Preventing Lankan Police From Arrestig Drug Kingpin In Dubai

A nephew of Makandure Madhush, the Sri Lankan drug kingpin who currently remains in Police custody in Dubai, has filed a Fundamental Rights petition seeking a restraining order preventing Sri Lankan law enforcement authorities from arresting Madhush in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

The petitioner argues that in view of the absence of extradition treaty between Sri Lanka and UAE, the arrest of Makandure Madhush while he is in UAE would violate his fundamental rights guaranteed under Article 13(1) of the constitution

Sri Lankan law enforcement authorities are currently working with Dubai Police to get the underworld figure extradited and prosecute him in Colombo. 

Madhush and several other underworld figures were arrested at a party in Dubai last month following a joint intelligence operation carried out with the assistance of Sri Lankan law enforcement authorities. 

The drug kingpin and his associates are currently detained by Dubai police pending prosecution. 

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