Calorie Counter Issues Apologies But Fails To Effectively Address Issues Or Presence Of Wanted Man Andrew Anton 

Health food chain Calorie Counter issued a statement yesterday attempting to justify the findings of a recent PHI raid on the establishment that found rotten food stored on the premises. 

In its statement Calorie Counter said the freezer containing items to be disposed of that had not been correctly labelled and identified had been placed ‘outside the kitchen and main stores.’ 

It said upon receiving instructions for remedial measures it had destroyed the rotten foodstuff immediately and the storage facilities had been cleared and revamped ‘as per required standards.’

However, as pointed out by many on social media, Calorie Counter had failed to address why items for disposal had not been disposed of in the first place, but stored in a freezer instead. It was also pointed out that a package of ice cubes had been stored in the freezer supposedly containing items for disposal. 

This gives rise not only to the allegation that Calorie Counter was storing useable items in the refrigerator set aside for disposal but also that it was storing rotten items instead of disposing of them correctly - a phenomenon that produces bacteria that can cause severe indispositions and inconvenience to consumers. 

It was also pointed out that despite the Calorie Counter management teams attempting to cover up the findings of the PHI raid by indicating that the items for disposal had been found outside the kitchen, a package containing rotten broccoli had been found in the refrigerator within the kitchen premises

The enraged public also pointed out on social media that the Calorie Counter management had failed to address the presence of Andrew Anton within their premises—Anton, who serves as Head of Operations, is wanted in Canada for sexual assault, sexual interference with a minor, the distribution of child pornography and more.  

Many patrons say they are are disgusted by the findings that one of the most popular restaurants in Colombo promising to sell healthy food had lapsed so seriously that not only had it failed to meet food safety standards, but it had also failed to check on the backgrounds of its employees as well as attempt to cover up their mistakes with a statement to the public. 

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