PM Meets Bishop Asiri Perera Over Palm Sunday Attack In Anuradhapura: Esnures Police Security For Good Friday And Easter Sunday Masses

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has met Bishop Asiri Perera today and assured that appropriate action will be taken immediately to ensure the security of the church.

Following the meeting, the Prime Minister has instructed the IGP to provide security to the church centre for Good Friday and Easter Sunday mass. 

As many as 12 worshippers and Bishop Asiri Perera were locked inside the church while a group pelted stones at the church and lit firecrackers for about 45 minutes outside, hurling insults at the Bishop all the while. The incident took place on April 14, 

However, instead of arresting the perpetrators and putting an end to the violence against minorities, the Police had told Methodist church leaders to stop worshippers from other villages from attending the centre. 

The incident has incensed many on social media - from both the majority and minority communities. As one person pointed out on Facebook, preventing worshippers from other villages from coming to the Anuradhapura Methodist Centre is akin to preventing worshippers from outside Kataragama from worshipping at Kataragama. 

Many point out that minority issues in the country will become inflamed once more if these incidents are not handled correctly. Bishop Perera has already called on the President, the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader and the IGP to take action in this regard—what remains to be seen is who will step up to the task. 

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