Police Say 27 Foreign Nationals Among Those Who Died In Easter Sunday Attacks: Six Out Eight Explosions Could Be Suicide Blasts

Police said 27 foreign nationals are confirmed dead following a chain of explosions that took place in Colombo and a few other parts of the country. 

Measures are underway to identify the foreigners who have died due to the Easter Sunday explosions. 

Meanwhile, the death toll of the incident has risen to 207, and over 450 have been admitted to hospitals. 

Investigators believe that at least six of the eight attacks are suicide explosions and at Shangri-La, the CCTV footage has shown two men detonating C-4 explosives weighing 25kg, at the cafeteria and a hotel corridor.

All government schools and universities will remain closed for the next two days. 

The public has been advised to remain indoors and cooperate with the law enforcement authorities to ensure security. 

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