Defence Ministry Secretary Makes Bizarre Claim: Downplays Easter Sunday Attacks Saying Sri Lanka Suffered Explosions Even Under Heightened Security 

In a bizarre statement, Defence Ministry Secretary Hemasiri Fernando downplayed the impact of yesterday's terrorist attack, saying the country experienced bomb explosions even under heightened security. 
Speaking to BBC World, Fernando said there were bomb explosions in Sri Lanka even when there were police checkpoints and barriers every 02 kilometres. 
"It is very fortunate that they isolate this incident," Fernando said, drawing parallels between Sri Lanka's situation today with the conditions that existed a decade ago. 
However, the Defence Ministry Secretary assured that every possible step would be taken to control the situation and bring the country back to normalcy. 
"But I cannot promise anything. With terrorism, I can't promise anything," Fernando said. 
When asked whether everyone involved in the attack has been arrested, Fernando refrained from commenting. 
Fernando, a former Navy officer and a senior administrator in the state sector, was appointed the Defence Ministry by President Maithripala Sirisena last year.
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