President Addresses Nations: Says He Too Was Unaware Of Intelligence Reports: Promises Stern Action Against Defence Heads Who Neglected Duties

In a special address to the nation, President Maithripala Sirisena said he too was unaware of the indications from international intelligence agencies about a potential terrorist attack in Sri Lanka. 

"Had I received information on time, I would have averted the carnage," Sirisena said, adding that he would take stern action against officials who neglected their duties. 

The President also added that there would be key changes at the top level of the defence apparatus in the country. 

"There will be comprehensive reforms in the defence service over the next few weeks," Sirisena added. 

Sirisena said the country's law enforcement authorities were aware of the existence of extremist groups and were tracking their movements. 

"Our defence authorities were closely following them. But there was no sufficient evidence to prosecute them before a court of law," he added. 

"“I will do what is necessary to ensure Sri Lankans can live without fear and suspicion,” the President said pledging that he would take every possible action to prevent the recurrence of an attack. 


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