Police Say 15 Bodies Recovered From Sainthamardu: Six Children And Three Women Among Dead: Terrorists Explode Themselves Amid Gunfire

The Police said 15 bodies were recovered from a safe house at Sainthamardu were multiple explosions took place last night. 

"Among them, security forces found bodies of six children and three women," the Police Media Spokesman said. 

The Police believe that suicide bombers exploded themselves killing their own family members in the middle of the gunfire last night. 

The Police spokesman confirmed that there were no casualties to the defene forces during the raid which lasted several hours last night. 

A major gunfire was reported in the Saindamarathu area, in Kalmunai, yesterday when the security forces attempted to raid a safe house occupied by extremists. 

This was the first gunfire that took place between Sri Lankan security forces and extremist militants. 

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