Cardinal Visits Negombo In the Wake Of Clash And Addresses Muslim Community: "We Are All Children Of Abraham And Let Our Faith Unite Us"

Colombo Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith today visited the Poruthota area in the Negombo Police division and engaged in discussions with community leaders on diffusing tensions. 

Cardinal's visit came in the wake of the clash that erupted in the area with two groups of people last evening. 

The clash led to an overnight curfew in the Negombo Police division and an islandwide ban on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media sites. 

He also visited a mosque in an area and addressed a gathering attended by Islamic religious leaders and devotees. 

"I urge all Catholics not to raise hands against our Muslim brothers," he said, stressing the importance of maintaining unity in the area.

"We are all brothers. We are all children of Abraham. Our faith should unite us. We call our God, God, and you call him Allah," he also added.

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