Cache Of Arms And Ammunition Discovered From Land Close To Kuda Oya Commando Training Camp

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Army Media Spokesman Brigadier Sumith Atapattu said a cache of arms and ammunition was recovered from the Kuda Oya area, in Wellawaya, earlier today.

According to the Spokesman, two repeater guns, two shotguns, a locally manufactured pistol, 342 rounds of T56 ammunition, 75 rounds of M-16 ammunition have been found during a raid in the Kuda Oya -Wellawaya area.

The Spokesman said the arms were buried in a land close to a Commando training camp in Kuda Oya, Wellawaya.

However, it is not immediately clear whether the weapons were linked to the extremist terrorist organizations in Sri Lanka. However, the raid was carried out following a tip-off received by the Army.

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