Ali Sabry Says All Madrasa Schools Should Be Regulated: Urges Muslims To Do Away With Practices That Separate Them From Other Communities

President's Counsel Ali Sabry said all Madrasa schools should operate in the country under strict regulation and no one in the Muslim community would oppose such reforms

At a press conference convened by moderate Muslim leaders and civil society members, President's Counsel Ali Sabry not only agreed that madrasas need regulation, but also said the Muslim community had a "great responsibility" to re-examine their culture and to remove the influences that may not part of the religion but a part of the Arab culture.

The President's Counsel warned against pushing those in the middle towards extremism: "If even one other person falls prey to extremism, we have failed as a race, as a nation."

He said there was a strong dialogue within the Muslim community on the reforms that that need to adopt to "build Bridges".

"But most of these conversations happen on social media platforms in the Tamil language. That is why the majority Sinhalese community are not aware of this dialogue, " he added.

"We must do away with practices that segregate us from other communities. It is time to unite as a nation, " he added.

"Our national anthem says we are all children of one mother. If that is the case, how can we have separate schools for separate communities. It is time to address those without delay, " he added.

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