Protest Currently Underway In Kurunegala Against Dr. Shafi: Buddhist Monks And Catholic Priests Also Attend Protest Demanding Stern Action

Pic courtesy: Lankadeepa Pic courtesy: Lankadeepa

A large number of people are currently staging a protest in Kurunegala against Dr. Siyabdeen Mohammed Shafi who is under investigation over multiple allegations.

The protest is led by Buddhist monks and attended by a large group of people including Catholic priests.

The portestors also demanded the removal of Dr. Sarath Weerabandara who allegedly interfered with the investigation into Dr. Shafi. They said the investigation should be conducted without any interference given the seriousness of the allegations.

A number of shops in the Kurunegala town have also been closed down to show support to the protestors.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has appointed a 6-member committee to probe the conduct of the controversial doctor.

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