"We Decided To Do Away With Halal Certification:" Nelna Products

Nelna products has announced that they will do away with the Halal certification due to multiple requests from its customers.

"The decision will lead to financial losses. But we decided to proceed with the decision as we wanted to listen to our customer-base," Kapila Rajapakse, General Manager of the company said, addressing a press briefing in Colombo.

The company made the decision against a backdrop where Muslim businesses across the country have come under severe pressure. Vociferous social media campaigns are underway calling for the majority Sinhalese to boycott Muslim-owned businesses.

The Halal accreditation in Sri Lanka is handled by the Halal Accreditation Council (HAC), a body that was set up in 2014. Muslims are often encouraged by their religious leaders to use Halal certified products cleared by the Halal accreditation agency

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