Police Record Statements From Over 750 People Over Allegations Leveled Against Dr. Shafi On Unconsented Sterilization

The Criminal Investigations Department(CID) has obtained statements from over 750 on allegations levelled against Dr. Mohammed Shafi on unconsented sterilizations.

Dr. Shafi, a Doctor attached to the Kurunegala General Hospital, currently remains in police custody.

Among them, 600 are mothers who came up with complaints against Dr. Shafi. In addition, number of medical officers have also been questioned by the Police.

Several statements have been obtained from Dr. Shafi who is at the centre of the controversy.

However, Asian Mirror learns that the Police are yet to find substantial evidence to prove allegations against Dr. Shafi.

An investigation is also underway to ascertain whether a senior police officer in the Kurunegala area is responsible for triggering the controversy over Dr. Shafi.

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