Tussle Over Presidential Candidacy: 64 MPs Supporting UNP-led Camp In Parliament Do Not Support Sajith Premadasa's Presidential Bid

The majority of Parliamentarians representing the UNP-led alliance do not support UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa's presidential bid, a senior UNP Parliamentarian told Asian Mirror.

The group supporting Premadasa claimed that 55 MPs signed a letter requesting Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to convene the party Working Committee and the Parliamentary group together to select a Presidential candidate.

Meanwhile, nealry 50 MPs representing the party held a discussion with Premadasa yesterday on his prospects as the Presidential candidate of the party.

"Even if we believe that all 55 MPs who signed the letter support Premadasa, that means he does not command the support of the majority of UNP-led camp," the MP added.

"Without the JVP, our camp in Parliament has secured the support of 119 MPs. Even the TNA MPs supported the UNP-led alliance in ensuring the passage of the budget. The TNA, the SLMC and the ACMC will be critically important factors when deciding the winner of the Presidential election. None of them has expressed support for Sajith Premadasa," he added.

"Out of 119 MPs supporting the government, only 55 MPs support Premadasa. This means 64 MPs supporting our camp do not consider Premadasa a potential candidate."

Informed political sources told Asian Mirror that the TNA was inclined to support JVP Candidate Anura Kumara Dissanayake if the UNP fielded Premadasa as the Presidential candidate.

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